Old Tymers Massive Pancakes Challenge

Old Tymers Massive Pancakes Challenge

3 Massive 16″ Pancakes Challenge

In March 2022 I was blessed to be able to go skiing with my son and Dad in New Mexico, and we had a blast. One morning during that trip, we drove to Red River, NM where I attempted the Old Tymers Cafe pancake challenge. The challenge consisted of (3) massive thick/fluffy pancakes which needed to be eaten in 1 hour.

The Pancakes

The waitress described the size of them as 3 medium 16” pizzas. I chose to get 1 blueberry, 1 chocolate chip, and 1 regular pancake. I also topped them with peanut butter and syrup (1 topping at a time). If I failed, I was going to have to wash my own dishes. That being said, there was plenty of time so I didn’t race through them and enjoyed them. They were delicious. I finished them in 35 minutes. Attached are a few photos.

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3 Massive Pancakes
Pancakes almost gone
Pancakes Gone
Disney World Treats

Disney World Treats

Kitchen Sink Ice Cream Sundae
Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion Shake

Disney World Treats

Earlier this year my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. During our visit we had many amazing foods and delicious treats. Here I’ll highlight some of the sweet treats.

Kitchen Sink Ice Cream Sundae

My favorite of course was the Kitchen Sink from Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at the Yacht Club Resort. I first learned about the Kitchen Sink more than 20 years ago and had been wanting it ever since. This was my opportunity, and I finished the entire thing.

Sweet Treats

The images attached are the following:

Glimmer & Shimmer Funnel Cake
Dole Whip
Jack Jack’s Num Num Cookie
Bakehouse Cookies

Cocoa Beach Treats

In addition to the Disney treats, we spent the night in Cocoa Beach, FL before going to Disney and I had a great over-the-top milkshake.

Image below is…

  • Chocolate Extreme Milkshake from the Ice Cream Hut (Cocoa Beach, FL)

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Extreme Milkshake
Stomperado Challenge

Stomperado Challenge

Stomps Burger
Stomperado Burger

First Food Challenge – The Stomperado

In January of 2022, some co-workers and I decided we were going to attempt our first food challenge/burger challenge. We thought it was over the top and unlikely that any of us would finish it; however, we thought it would be fun try anyway. We considered it a team building opportunity. Three (3) of us attempted the challenge (more were going to, but they changed their minds), and about 20 in total showed up. Most of our coworkers were there for support and to watch.

Stomperado Challenge

For the challenge, we decided to try Stomp’s Burger Joint’s “Stomperado” burger challenge. It was HUGE. The Stomperado Challenge burger consisted of the following:

  • 4 half pound beef Patties
  • Philly Meat
  • 4 Slices American Cheese
  • 4 Strips of Bacon
  • 4 Slices of Sausage
  • Veggies (grilled mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle)
  • All Topped with onion rings

*Note: I subbed the tomatos for jalapeños.

In addition to the burger, the meal also consisted of an order of chili cheese fries. All together it was about 6.5 lbs of food.

I Finished It!

To my surprise, I finished everything in 34:28min and earned my photo on the wall of fame. Because I did, the waitress bought me a shake and I drank that as well. It was this day that I learned I could eat far more than I ever imagined. Here are a few photos of the challenge.

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Finished the Stomperado Challenge
Stomperado Challenge Completion Time
Bonnie’s Donuts (BEST Donuts in League City, TX!)

Bonnie’s Donuts (BEST Donuts in League City, TX!)

Massive 5 lb Cinnamon Roll
Massive Texas Sized Cinnamon Twist
Massive 5 lb. Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll

Best Donuts

I want to take this opportunity to rave about Bonnie’s Donuts, the Best Donuts in League City, TX. Their donuts, kolaches, and other treats are amazing. If you haven’t tried them, I highly encourage you to get over there and try them. You will also find the owners, Natalie and Lee, are some of the nicest/friendliest hosts as well.

Speciality Donuts

Bonnie’s Donuts has an excellent selection of standard treats; they make all sorts of specialty decorated donuts for all occasions like number and letter shaped donuts (they are the only local shop to make these), and make custom shaped donut/donut hole creations for all occasions (ex. Large donut hole Christmas tree decorated with icing).

Giant Cinnamon Rolls and Donuts

On top of this, they have made local and national news several times for their GIANT 5lb and 10lb cinnamon rolls and other Texas sized donuts (also about 5 lbs).  The giant cinnamon rolls and other giant donuts are just as delicious as the standard sized items, we just get to indulge a whole lot more. I can attest to this as I have had them all.

Giant Treats I Have Eaten

I have eaten the following; although not in one sitting. I ate them throughout my he day along with other meals.
1. Texas sized Apple Fritter
2. 5 lb Cinnamon Roll
3. Texas sized Cinnamon Twist
4. Texas sized Peach Fritter
5. 5 lb Pumpkin Spice
6. 5 lb Cinnamon Roll
7. Texas sized Blueberry Fritter
8. Donut Choc Frosted w/ Sprinkles
9. Texas sized Blueberry Fritter
10. 5 lb Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll
11. Texas sized Strawberry-Banana Fritter
12. Texas sized Cinnamon Twist
My favorite were probably the blueberry fritters, but they were all great.

Just for Fun

As I write this and think about how delicious their donuts and other treats are, I am thinking how fun it would be to have a donut eating contest (I.e. most donuts or donut holes eaten in 5 or 10 minutes). Maybe some day.

Go Try Bonnie’s Donuts

Anyway, checkout these photos of some of the GIANT cinnamon rolls and donuts I have gotten over the past couple years.

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Massive Texas Sized Donut
Massive Texas Sized Blueberry Fritter
Massive Texas Sized Donut
Massive Texas Sized Apple Fritter

Grand Pancake Stack Challenge

Grand Pancake Stack Challenge

Grand Pancake Stack

First Post

In the Beginning

At the time of this post, my last challenge was this Grand Pancake Stack.  This is my first post, and the beginning of my food experiences and challenges. I am a foodie, and few months ago, I discovered I could eat quite a bit more than I ever believed I could. Since that discovery, I have attempted a few food challenges, having both successes and failures. Since I have fun attempting these food challenges, I have been encouraged by my family to start sharing my eating experiences.

Over the next few weeks, I will post photos of some of my past challenges. Also, going forward, I will continue to post photos, and I will also try and capture video to post as well.

Grand Pancake Stack

As for this food challenge, I was recently challenged by a friend to go to Red Oak Cafe in League City, TX to take on their Grand Pancake Stack Challenge. On Saturday 7/16 we went, and I attempted it.  This was my 2nd time to attempt this challenge.  The challenge consisted of 6 giant pancakes with 3 add-ins (in each), and it had to be completed in 30 min. My friend has seen some of the large meals I have eaten in the past and wanted to see me try this. The pancakes at Red Oak Cafe were so amazing, I welcomed doing this again. These too some of the best pancakes I have ever eaten. In the end, I finished the stack of pancakes in 22:09 min.  My previous time on 2/16/22 was 29:02 min; I finished just under the 30 min limit.

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Grand Pancake Stack