July 19, 2022

Grand Pancake Stack Challenge

Grand Pancake Stack

First Post

In the Beginning

At the time of this post, my last challenge was this Grand Pancake Stack.  This is my first post, and the beginning of my food experiences and challenges. I am a foodie, and few months ago, I discovered I could eat quite a bit more than I ever believed I could. Since that discovery, I have attempted a few food challenges, having both successes and failures. Since I have fun attempting these food challenges, I have been encouraged by my family to start sharing my eating experiences.

Over the next few weeks, I will post photos of some of my past challenges. Also, going forward, I will continue to post photos, and I will also try and capture video to post as well.

Grand Pancake Stack

As for this food challenge, I was recently challenged by a friend to go to Red Oak Cafe in League City, TX to take on their Grand Pancake Stack Challenge. On Saturday 7/16 we went, and I attempted it.  This was my 2nd time to attempt this challenge.  The challenge consisted of 6 giant pancakes with 3 add-ins (in each), and it had to be completed in 30 min. My friend has seen some of the large meals I have eaten in the past and wanted to see me try this. The pancakes at Red Oak Cafe were so amazing, I welcomed doing this again. These too some of the best pancakes I have ever eaten. In the end, I finished the stack of pancakes in 22:09 min.  My previous time on 2/16/22 was 29:02 min; I finished just under the 30 min limit.

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Grand Pancake Stack


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