August 8, 2022

The Box Bakery & Kitchen – 5 lb Breakfast Taco

The Box Bakery & Kitchen 5 lb Breakfast Taco

5 lb. BAT Breakfast Taco Challenge

Mid March of this year (2022), I attempted The Box Bakery and Kitchen BAT (Big Ass Taco) Challenge, and it was delicious! The challenge consisted of a 5 lb. breakfast taco filled with beans, potatoes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and cheese; the salsa I added was optional. The BAT challenge needed to be eaten in 30 minutes to be proclaimed a winner. Although I did manage to finish the BAT challenge, my time was nowhere close to the record, and was one of the mid to slower times at 24:28 min. This breakfast taco was great, and the Box Bakery & Kitchen makes some amazing treats! Check them out.

Eating 5 lb. BAT Breakfast Taco
5 lb. BAT Breakfast Taco Eaten

BAT Breakfast Taco Challenge Winner

Following the challenge, they took my championship photo. For beating the challenge, I won a $20 gift card and a cookie. Don’t I look happy eating the Smores cookie! FYI… their cookies were delicious a well. I highly recommend trying them.

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5 lb. BAT Challenge Winner
Eating Smores Cookie


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