July 21, 2022

Bonnie’s Donuts (BEST Donuts in League City, TX!)

Massive 5 lb Cinnamon Roll
Massive Texas Sized Cinnamon Twist
Massive 5 lb. Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll

Best Donuts

I want to take this opportunity to rave about Bonnie’s Donuts, the Best Donuts in League City, TX. Their donuts, kolaches, and other treats are amazing. If you haven’t tried them, I highly encourage you to get over there and try them. You will also find the owners, Natalie and Lee, are some of the nicest/friendliest hosts as well.

Speciality Donuts

Bonnie’s Donuts has an excellent selection of standard treats; they make all sorts of specialty decorated donuts for all occasions like number and letter shaped donuts (they are the only local shop to make these), and make custom shaped donut/donut hole creations for all occasions (ex. Large donut hole Christmas tree decorated with icing).

Giant Cinnamon Rolls and Donuts

On top of this, they have made local and national news several times for their GIANT 5lb and 10lb cinnamon rolls and other Texas sized donuts (also about 5 lbs).  The giant cinnamon rolls and other giant donuts are just as delicious as the standard sized items, we just get to indulge a whole lot more. I can attest to this as I have had them all.

Giant Treats I Have Eaten

I have eaten the following; although not in one sitting. I ate them throughout my he day along with other meals.
1. Texas sized Apple Fritter
2. 5 lb Cinnamon Roll
3. Texas sized Cinnamon Twist
4. Texas sized Peach Fritter
5. 5 lb Pumpkin Spice
6. 5 lb Cinnamon Roll
7. Texas sized Blueberry Fritter
8. Donut Choc Frosted w/ Sprinkles
9. Texas sized Blueberry Fritter
10. 5 lb Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll
11. Texas sized Strawberry-Banana Fritter
12. Texas sized Cinnamon Twist
My favorite were probably the blueberry fritters, but they were all great.

Just for Fun

As I write this and think about how delicious their donuts and other treats are, I am thinking how fun it would be to have a donut eating contest (I.e. most donuts or donut holes eaten in 5 or 10 minutes). Maybe some day.

Go Try Bonnie’s Donuts

Anyway, checkout these photos of some of the GIANT cinnamon rolls and donuts I have gotten over the past couple years.

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Massive Texas Sized Donut
Massive Texas Sized Blueberry Fritter
Massive Texas Sized Donut
Massive Texas Sized Apple Fritter


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