Foodie & Food Enthusiast

As a Foodie & Food Enthusiast, I love food, I love to eat, and I am always hungry.  I am not a professional eater; however, I have a big appetite and enjoy food challenges.  Check out all of my videos and other content on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and see some absolutely amazing food, great restaurants, watch me take on some super sized food challenges, and possibly other fun stuff mixed in.  My “Challenges” page lists the challenges I have completed as well as my upcoming challenges.  Finally, don’t forget to like, follow, and/or subscribe to my social media pages/channel.


Kendall's Chicken Fry Challenge

Massive Food & Treats

The best donuts & treats I’ve had are from my favorite local donut shop (Bonnie’s Donuts in League City, TX).  They go above and beyond making awesome tasting & looking treats. These were amazing!  They come in normal and massive sizes too.  See the photos of some of the massive donuts & cinnamon rolls I’ve eaten.

5 lb. Cinnamon Roll

Bonnie's Donuts

Texas Sized Apple Fritter

Bonnie's Donuts

Texas Sized Cinnamon Twist

Bonnie's Donuts

Eating Texas Sized Donut

Bonnie's Donuts

Texas Sized Donut

Bonnie's Donuts

5 lb. Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll

Bonnie's Donuts

Texas Sized Blueberry Fritter

Bonnie's Donuts

Food Challenge Stats

In January 2022 I attempted my first food challenge.  Since then I have completed the following:

Food Challenge Wins

Food Challenges Attempted